Expect 20-30 minute construction delays through Salt Creek Canyon (Nephi). 替代 routes incl乌兰 Highway 6 through Spanish Fork Canyon, and I-15 South through Levan 到甘尼逊,往北到以法莲.


Time 事件 的地方 Details
11:00 AM 里奇菲尔德毕业典礼 塞维尔谷中心
4:00 PM 以法莲学士学位大会 乔根森音乐厅,埃克尔斯中心
May 3 - Ephraim Graduation 仪式, 特里富特球场. 客人们,请入座 by 2:30.
Time 事件 的地方 Details

12:00 PM

门打开 特里富特球场  

1:00 PM

午餐时间晚了,还要排队 实践领域 & 獾洞 毕业生只
1:00 PM 午餐 & 排队 图书馆拱廊 教员/员工
2:30 PM 客人入座
2:40 PM 仪式 特里富特球场 & 在线
5:00 PM 接待 罗伯特·斯托达德·菲尔德  

Additional information will be added as 毕业典礼 approaches.


雪的大学 welcomes friends and 家庭 of the class of 2024 to come and celebrate 这特别的一天和我们在一起!


We have several seating options for guests attending our Ephraim ceremony. 所有的客人 MUST be seated no later than 2:30 to accommodate the processional of graduates safely. Please arrive no later than 2:00 to allow time to pass through security. 

不需要门票. Seating is limited and will be on a first-come, first-served 基础. 12点开门.


Seating in the stadium is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served 基础. Please be considerate of those around you and refrain from saving seats or bringing 体育场的椅子.


体育场周围有许多草地. 请随便带条毯子来 或者草坪椅,放在草地上.


The ceremony will be live-streamed on large screens in the 艾克尔斯中心. 许多客人 prefer sitting in the Eccles where they don’t have to worry about rain or heat, and 他们可以坐在舒适的椅子上.


The Richfield ceremony is held in the 塞维尔谷中心, which has ample seating. We ask that guests of the Richfield ceremony arrive in their seats no later than 10:30 to allow the processional of graduates to pass through safely.


Graduates, for more information and a full checklist, please see the 毕业典礼清单.


You must wear a cap and gown (regalia) to walk at the Graduation 仪式. 标记 can be ordered online and will be delivered to the 雪的大学 Campus 商店 to be 在那里拿起并付了钱. Orders must be completed by March 13, 2024 at midnight 即期交货. After this time, regalia will be available only through the Campus 商店. 在线 orders will be available for pickup at the Campus 商店 on April 15. 费用大约是40美元. 你需要知道你获得的是哪个学位 (Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science, Bachelor 艺术或软件工程专业). 校园商店也将开放 morning of their campus’ commencement for last minute needs and gift buying.


The only approved accessories are the academic honor cords and the alumni cords. 庆祝 this milestone by buying alumni cords and paying it forward to support future Badgers. The 校友 Association welcomes our soon-to-be graduates and invites you at this time 只需捐款$20,便可领取校友脐带.24、代表你的毕业 一年. All proceeds from the 校友 Cord will go to the 校友 Scholarship Fund which 为现在和未来的獾提供奖学金. 从你的生活中回馈给他人 class in a memorable way and join them in wearing your orange 校友 Cord at commencement. 这个过程很简单! 简单的 购买校友脐带 . After purchase, cords can be picked up at the Advancement Office, Campus 商店, 拨打435发货.283.7060, or will be held for pickup on the day of commencement 排队前.


Printed programs for commencement will be placed on all of the graduates’ chairs, so don’t worry about getting one as you enter the ceremony. 请记住 are a candidate for graduation until the final degree check is completed. 之间的 3月1日和4月1日 检查程序列表 确保你的名字在那里并且拼写正确. 这对你来说很重要 家庭.


雪的大学 strives to ensure that all graduates and guests can participate fully 在毕业典礼上. 如果您或客人需要ADA住宿或有 有关无障碍的问题,请联系 乌兰.wons@lesnihs.yendic (以法莲)或 乌兰.wons@mahgnirts.idieh (田生).


A professional photographer will take a picture of you as you receive your diploma 封面. The company, GradImages, will send proofs to you and your 家庭 within 48 通过电子邮件和短信记录了几个小时的仪式. 你还会收到一份证明. GradImages will ship prints within 24 hours of the order being placed, and they have an agreement 与网站. If you have questions about the photos, you may contact GradImages 直接.


我们非常重视你在PG电子官方免费下载的经历. 作为毕业典礼的一部分 过程,你被鼓励去 完成一份在线离职调查. This survey asks questions regarding your learning experiences at the College as 以及你未来的计划.e. 转学、职业、使命等.). 信息从 the survey is used to improve these experiences and provide additional opportunities 给现在和未来的学生.


Your final degree check will be completed after spring grades have been processed. Diplomas will be ordered for those st乌兰nts who have completed all requirements. If your mailing address is now different from the one on your graduation application, 请通知毕业办公室. 如果你不这样做,你的文凭也不会 找到你. All financial debts to 雪的大学 must be paid before the diploma will 发给. If you do not complete your degree requirements, you may change your graduation 通过电子邮件向毕业办公室发送日期. 文凭应该在仲夏之前寄给你.


We want to encourage you to participate in the graduation activities. 你工作过 hard, and you deserve a day to celebrate this milestone. 毕业典礼是其中之一 of your best 雪的大学 memories – being together with friends and 家庭, celebrating your accomplishments, and enjoying the festive atmosphere of the day. 在努力中 to officially welcome you to the 校友 Association and recognize your accomplishments, our 校友 Association plans to give you a keepsake at the conclusion of the ceremony.

这真是一年中令人兴奋的时刻. 我们知道生活很忙,但不要错过这一点 难忘的事件! 毕业典礼 will be a nice ending to your time at Snow and a great beginning for your future, and we’ll try our best to make sure that it is enjoyable 为你,为你的朋友,为你的家人. 如果您有任何问题,请参阅联系人 列在我们的毕业网站上. 我们都渴望帮助你实现这个梦想 拥有大学学位!




有关当前毕业要求,请参见 PG电子官方免费下载的学术目录.


Did you know you can “transfer back” credit from your four-一年 school if you aren’t 雪的事完全结束了? There are a lot of advantages to having a completed associate 度,这很简单. 如果你离开,毕业办公室可以帮助你 在你完成学位之前.

For questions regarding transfer credits, please see the 注册处 网页.



The Campus 商店 has gifts and gift baskets available for purchase. 他们甚至可以 制作定制礼品篮! 打435给商店.283.请找塔米.